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We maintain appointments with more than 30 national carriers with top ratings from AM Best, allowing us to select the ideal provider to cover ineligible risks that are not insurable under your carrier’s existing coverage.

Virtually any! Our role is to handle all coverage for leading captive Agents when their carrier doesn’t offer a policy or where their carrier’s coverage would come with unworkable restrictions or costs. We can cover virtually any driver or vehicle, including specialized, recreational, and off-road/marine. We provide a full range of Homeowner policies — including special situations — a comprehensive array of Commercial Insurance, and much more!

When a customer wants insurance that your national carrier doesn’t offer, Agency Partners is there to help. We typically form relationships with top captive Agents in anticipation of their ongoing needs. Based on an initial inquiry by toll-free phone at (888) 390-0818, e-mail at info@myagencypartners.com, or through this website’s Callback / Referral box, we will meet with you to understand your needs and preferences and to take your specific directions as to how you would like your referrals to be managed.

With a direct relationship with Agency Partners in place, your customer referrals will be handled based on your own specifications. You can direct customers to call us, ask us to call the customer, or participate in a ‘warm hand-off’ conference call at the time of referral so that you can make the introductions yourself. You can even make referrals by e-mail or through our website, giving us the contact information and details on the customer’s specific situation and insurance needs. Unless you direct otherwise, we will contact the referral the same day.

When we do contact your customer we will explain that we are doing so at your suggestion to assist with the challenging situation. We will constructively explain why some insurance is difficult to source, while being positive and supportive of you, your Agency, and your carrier.

When an Agency Partners policy is issued to your referral we will be responsible for the closing, billing, and servicing of that policy — including claims. We will not cross-sell insurance that competes with your offering, and we will not sell or otherwise transfer contact information about the customer to any third parties.

Agency Partners was designed to provide a source for difficult-to-find insurance so that you can avoid client disappointment without opening the door to a competing provider. We will be your partner; never your competitor. We will follow your directions regarding timing and approach, working with your client to arrange coverage only for risks that you do not want to cover. We will never cross-sell coverage that you do provide, and we will never undermine you with the client. If risk issues are resolved or your carrier’s areas of coverage change, you can resume providing 100% of the insurance need. We are here when you need us; otherwise, we stay out of your way.

Our team leaders have strong backgrounds as successful captive Agents with the nation’s leading carriers. We know what the job requires because we’ve done it ourselves. Our whole business model is based on repeat referrals from Agents who value specialized support and client satisfaction.

You know that national carriers maintain high standards regarding the Agencies they appoint, and we enjoy a large and growing portfolio of carrier appointments. More fundamentally, we’ve worked with many Agent partners and countless insurance clients with exceptionally good results. Since we specialize in challenging situations we make a point of going the extra mile for success. Our terrific reputation with our partner Agents and their customers speaks for itself.