How It Works
Keep your clients with agency partners
Never again risk losing a client, or pass up a new client, when the coverage you can offer is unsuitable. Turn to Agency Partners to fill the coverage gap while we keep your clients safe and sound—and not shopping around! Here’s all you need to do:
  • Refer your ineligible risk clients, promptly!
    Time is of the essence when your client needs coverage and can’t get it through you. Whether it’s a risk, coverage, credit, or pricing issue simply send your Client to your Agency Partners representative and we’ll take it from there.
  • Relax, we’ve got your back
    Your Agency Partners representative will first and foremost make certain that your Clients get the coverage they need. We work with you and only offer coverage that fills the gap — nothing more.
  • Monitor our process and our progress
    We understand the value of each and every referral. You may have spent years developing these relationships through trust, expertise and great service. That is why we provide 100% transparency about the status of your referrals and promise never to undermine your Client relationships.
  • Throw a homecoming party
    At some point our job will be finished. Your client’s risk issues are resolved and we can send him or her home again — back to you for continuing coverage. Throughout the process your Agency Partners’ representative will keep you informed!
  • Watch your client base grow
    With Agency Partners’ assistance you will no longer be taking one step forward and two steps back. You can protect your valuable client base — and attract even more new clients when you turn to Agency Partners for difficult-to-place and complementary insurance products.