These captive agents don’t need to worry about gaps in their coverage due to risk or pricing issues
At Agency Partners, we understand the value of every client you have. Join other captive Agents who are secure in the knowledge that their clients are taken care of, keeping them away from your competition.

"Agency Partners is the solution I’ve been looking for. They find a way to write tough policies while preserving me as the client’s primary Agent."

"I want clients to turn to me for all their insurance. Now I can cover risks my carrier doesn’t want without losing clients to a competitor. Thank you, Agency Partners!"

"We use Agency Partners when a driver is ineligible for our carrier. We’ve never had a dissatisfied referral, which keeps the client happy and allows us to continue to write coverage supported by our carrier."

"I started using Agency Partners for high-risk drivers that I couldn’t underwrite, but then I found that my clients have many needs that I wasn’t covering. Now I look to Agency Partners whenever I see a coverage gap — Homeowners’ coverage for a vacant dwelling, coverage for a restaurant or small business, and any kind of unusual vehicle insurance. It’s great to have a safe way to help my clients without opening the door to competition."